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What is vegan beauty?

Vegan beauty are products that do not contain any animal derived ingredients or by products. In some circumstances, vegan beauty products doesn't necessarily mean cruelty free, so you will also need to look out for the leaping bunny approval from cruelty free international or a local organisation.

About Garnier’s Vegan Beauty Products

Garnier combines vegan formulas to create our Vegan Beauty Products and Vegan Hair products. Products are allergy tested and dermatologist tested for safety. Garnier’s Vegan beauty product range is for all skin needs and skin types including sensitive skin. Garnier also has Vegan hair care made with vegan and natural ingredients.

 Also learn more about Garnier's Green Beauty and sustainable commitments.

Why Choose Vegan Skincare & Vegan Haircare?

Choosing to use vegan skincare and vegan hair care means that you are not purchasing products that contain animal based ingredients. Therefore, by choosing Garnier products for your beauty routine, you are choosing products approved by the Cruelty Free International under the Leaping Bunny Programme.

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Discover Garnier’s Vegan Skincare Products

Explore our Vegan Skincare products that are made with natural ingredients and have a vegan formula. Our Skin Care and Body Care products suit all skin types.

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Discover Garnier’s Vegan Hair Care Products

Explore our Vegan Hair Care Products from our Hair Food range that deliver shinier and healthier looking hair. Our hair care range consists of the Hair Food Shampoos and Conditioners as well as our replenishing Shampoo Bars

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Discover Our Vegan Hair Colour

Explore our Vegan Hair Colour range Olia,  an ammonia-free permanent hair colour with vegan formula. Olia Hair dye contains a 60% oil blend to deliver maximum colour with less damage.

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Explore Garnier’s Skincare Ingredients


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Why vegan skincare is better?

Vegan skincare is better because not only can animal based ingredients be harsh on the skin but you can also rest assured knowing that your skincare products are not tested on animals. This means you are being kinder on both your skin, the environment and animals!

Is vegan beauty natural?

Vegan beauty does not contain substances of animal origin, however does not imply that product are all natural. This is because some products will contain artificial components typically found in skincare products.