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Find your Nutrisse hair dye shade and enjoy radiant, long-lasting color with 100% grey coverage. This permanent hair dye contains ingredients such as avocado, olive, and shea oils that deeply nourish and protect hair from breakage. Explore our extensive collection of full hair colour products and try them out with our Virtual Try On Tool.

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How to apply Garnier Nutrisse hair colour?

Applying full hair colour at home can be intimidating at first. However, Garnier Nutrisse Hair Colour is a great option for easy application at home. To get started, ensure that your hair is dry. Next, add the contents in the hair dye box to the developer bottle. Shake the hair colour and then start applying it to your hair, working your way in sections. Let this develop for the instructed time and rinse thoroughly. Make sure to use the included conditioner to lock in shine and hydration. For more information read How To Dye Your Hair At Home here.

Is Garnier Nutrisse hair dye permanent?

Garnier's Nutrisse hair colour is a permanent at home hair dye solution to achieve a vibrant or natural colour. Each hair dye kit from the Nutrisse range offers rich permanent colour, leaving you feeling confident with your new hair. However, sometimes with permanent hair dye, colour can fade overtime. This is because hair dyes are soluble in water, meaning when you wash your hair, the dye molecules can dissolve. This does not mean you can't keep vibrant hair colour but it will involve knowing how to look after it.

How do you make Garnier hair dye last longer?

To make your Nutrisse hair colour last longer, use products when washing hair that support coloured hair. We recommend our Colour Last range that consists of the Colour Last Shampoo and Colour Last Conditioner. Together, they keep coloured hair nourished and vibrant. We also recommend using our Hair Food Protecting Goji Hair Mask that protects coloured hair from damage and revives radiance.


How do you choose the right Nutrisse hair colour?

There are many Nutrisse hair shades available for you to choose from. To get a general idea of the hair colour you want, you can base it on your skin tone for a more natural shade. For example, those will pale skin may look vibrant with neutral blonde shades, whereas brunette shades may complement those with a warm, deep complexion. If you want to try before you commit, our Virtual Hair Try On tool allows you to visualise how the hair colour will look against your complexion. Give it a try today and find the perfect colour for you.