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Great Barrier Reef Partnership

Stretching almost 2,300km along Australia’s north-eastern coastline, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s seven natural wonders and is home to more than 9,000 known species of marine life. Rich in biodiversity, the Great Barrier Reef is both environmentally significant and culturally important to First Nations communities and Reef Traditional Owners – but climate change poses a major threat. Luckily, some great work is being done to help support the Reef, but there is still more to do.

The Great Barrier Reef Plant A Coral campaign is a partnership between Garnier and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to raise funds to deliver coral conservation and restoration solutions to reefs in the Whitsundays.


Who is the Great Barrier Reef Foundation?

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation was created in the wake of the first mass coral bleaching event in 1998, which killed one in 12 of the world’s corals. Its remit is to find and grow the best solutions to save the world’s greatest reef.

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is creating a future for coral reefs by protecting ocean habitats, restoring coral reefs and helping them adapt to the impacts of climate change. It works with more than 500 partners to raise funds, invest in innovative ideas and design real-world, scalable conservation programs that are delivering breakthroughs in marine and terrestrial restoration. 

Walking in step with First Nations people and front-line communities, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation is fast-tracking and deploying solutions around the world.

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How is Garnier partnering with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation?

As part of Garnier’s Green Beauty mission, we’ve joined forces with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to plant hundreds of thousands of corals, helping to regenerate our Reef.

For every Garnier product purchased in Coles from 27 September to 7 November 2023, the Foundation will plant a coral.   Garnier’s goal is to plant up to 500,000 baby corals this year to help restore and repair damaged reefs.


Buy one product, plant one coral

In October this year, you can visit a Coles store to play a part in our mission to help the Reef with our buy one Garnier product, plant one coral campaign until we reach our goal of up to 500,000 baby corals dispersed.  

All Australians can join this mission to plant new corals today, for a healthier  Reef tomorrow. For every Garnier product bought at Coles from 27 September through to 7 November,   Garnier will plant a coral on the Great Barrier Reef, with the goal of dispersing up to 500,000 baby corals during the 2023 coral spawning season.   We will be sharing updates on the project, so revisit this page to 


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Coral restoration

The Garnier X Great Barrier Reef Foundation campaign will support continued Coral IVF  in the iconic Whitsundays region. This world-leading technique is used to grow baby corals and restore damaged coral reefs.

What is Coral IVF?

Each   year during the November or December full moon, a synchronised natural phenomenon occurs when millions of coral spawn simultaneously. During this event, researchers capture coral spawn from healthy reefs to rear millions of baby corals in specially designed floating pools before dispersing them onto damaged reefs to restore and repopulate them.

The baby corals settle onto those reefs and in years to come produce their own coral babies, building resilience and coral diversity.


Garnier’s commitments

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