5 Ways Every Aussie Can Improve Their Environmental Footprint

If you’ve ever watched a David Attenborough documentary or taken a deep dive into climate change, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about the devastating impact human consumption is having on our planet. 

And while the problem may seem impossibly big and unsolvable overnight, it really is those small, everyday efforts we can consistently make as individuals that will contribute to change. 

So, if you’ve already tackled plastic straws and takeaway cups, it’s now time to turn to your beauty routine.

Nobody is perfect, nor should anyone expect to be, but by making small adjustments that soon become habits, we’ll be one step closer to reducing our individual environmental footprint.

#1 Get savvier with recycling

Recycling has always been a good thing and bathroom items shouldn’t be exempt. Read the labels of the products you’re buying so you know exactly which parts of them can be recycled (and into which bin), and look for the phrase ‘made from recyclable materials’, too. This means that rather than creating packaging (which can therefore create more waste), the brand you’re choosing has used already-made materials, giving them a second life. 

For Garnier in particular, the brand has partnered with NGO’s Plastics for Change, to not only help reuse the plastics that have ended up in landfill but provide waste pickers with a stable income.  In 2019, Garnier’s use of recycled plastic saved 3,670 tons of virgin plastic and by 2025 all packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable.


#2 Give your beauty products a second life

You could also consider ditching the bin entirely and repurpose your product packaging instead. There are plenty of crafty ideas out there, and you’d be surprised by what you can make from your tubs and bottles. 

Brooke Styles even turned her Garnier Hair Food tub into a pot plant! With a quick wash and a lick of paint, it became the perfect home for a cactus. 


#3 Buy in bulk where you can

The bigger the size, the less frequently you’ll have to repurchase your favourite beauty products and in turn, the less packaging you’ll be throwing into your bins. If it’s an everyday item like Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water, consider purchasing the 700ml, but still keep your empty on-the-go sizes to refill as you need. No waste and less plastic purchased. Win-win.


#4 Participate in beach clean-ups

Whether you go solo or with a few friends, you can clean up your local beach any time, simply by taking an empty bag with you. Considering a lot of our waste ends up in our oceans and shores, you’ll be doing a good deed while enjoying the sunshine and sea air. You can even track your progress through Ocean Conservancy’s ‘Clean Swell’ app. The team at Garnier collected 6.8 tonnes of plastic in 2019 by doing just this.


#5 Support brands with transparent sustainability commitments

Never underestimate the power your choices have as an individual. After all, big businesses can’t operate without your support and in turn, your support for those with sustainability initiatives in place will go a long way.

Garnier has already made some great green beauty commitments and has a clear plan for the future. You can even read the full sustainability progress report on the website. Now that’s transparency. 



Sourced from BeautyHeaven