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From curly to color-treated, damaged to dry, create a custom shower-to-style routine for your hair type with product picks, pro tips, articles, videos, and more.

Anti-Frizz Tips For Your Hair Type


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Straight Hair

Are flyaways frustrating your sleek and smooth hair goals? Incorporate these simple straight hair tips into your routine.

Use a Heat Protector
Whenever you use a heat styling stool, always apply a heat protectant.

Straighten & Style Hair in Sections
Blow-dry and flat-iron one section at a time so hair dries evenly and is less prone to frizz, snags, and breakage.

Blow-dry with a Paddle Brush
For the smoothest results, paddle brush hair gently as you blow-dry, keeping each strand pulled taut as you direct the heat.

Wavy Hair

Frizz-proof your waves with these easy-to-follow tips for wavy hair care and styling.

Keep Conditioner Away from Your Roots
Start two inches away from your scalp and work product through to the ends to keep hair from getting greasy and looking limp.

Choose Light Oils Over Dense Butters
Heavy products weigh waves down and leave them vulnerable to flyaways and breakage when detangling.

Air Dry Before You Blow-Dry
If you have the extra time, let wet waves dry naturally--but not fully--then, blow-dry for a frizz-free style that holds your waves' shape.

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Curly Hair

Get frizz-free curls with these proven tips for all curly hair types.

Try Sulfate-Free Solutions
Curls are naturally dry and porous which makes them prone to frizz. Our sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, and treatments are formulated especially for curls, to help protect and help to combat frizz.

Deep Condition Religiously
Lock in the moisture curls crave by deep conditioning at least once a week. For even deeper hydration, try applying your favorite deep conditioning mask to wet hair and leave in overnight before rinsing.

Use the Right Tools
Use an ionic blowdryer with a diffuser to mimic the curl-loving effect of air drying. Detangle with a wide tooth comb, and smooth with a boar bristle brush to avoid unnecessary, frizz-inviting friction. Add an anti-frizz serum to your hair drying routine for more protection and better results.