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What is Face Mapping Skin Analysis

Face mapping skin analysis by Skin Coach involves identifying your skin type and needs by using AI technology to virtually examine your skin. It tells you which facial areas are healthy and those that require special attention to improve skin health.
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Take a selfie & become one step closer to glowing skin

Begin by taking a selfie to allow our face mapping AI to scan your face and understand your skin needs, based on the 6 signs of healthy skin below. Receive a personalised routine with the best Garnier products for your skin type and concerns.

Our patented skin analysis AI comes from 20 years of research and a database of 15.000 faces to create an advanced, simple-to-use technology that provides tailored skincare advice for you.


The 6 Signs of Healthy Skin

There are six factors to consider for healthy skin. Through your selfie, our nine-time patented technology is able to provide an in-depth evaluation of each of these six signs to let you know your strengths and areas of improvement. Get your skin analysis online to unlock the key to healthy glowing skin!
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Why is Skin Analysis Important?

Skin Coach offers state of the art technology for your skincare analysis to create targeted treatment regimes for common skin concerns, as well as expert advice on how to improve overall skin health and individual skin problems. A skin analysis aims to help you understand the different causes and types of skin blemishes on your skin.
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Skincare made easy

Garnier's Skin Coach analysis guides you through your skincare journey by supplying all the tools needed to unlock healthy skin. Simply let it scan your face and in return, it gives you a personalised skin diagnosis and advice to follow including product recommendations, key ingredients and essential tips.

A Tailored Skincare Routine for Your Skin

Our virtual Skin Coach provides a personalised skincare routine tailored to your individual needs, so everyone can achieve glowing skin! Discover the best skin solution no matter your skin tone, type, or gender - we have a solution for all skin needs.

How To Do a Skin Analysis Online?

It's simple - try our virtual skin analysis tool from the comforts of your home! Let our Skin Coach AI examine your selfie methodically, using the six key signs of healthy skin. Your results will be broken down into specific areas from the top to bottom of your face.