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We've Got Your Texturising Needs Covered

Learn how to choose and use the texturising hair products best for your hair type, length, and desired look with these pro techniques.

Texturising Basics


Spray After You Style

Applying a texturising spray, paste, after blow-drying or hot curling.

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Don't Curl Your Ends

Leave your tips hanging when you use your curling iron - it's the trick to effortlessly undone texture.

Choose a Textured Style for Your Hair Type

Fine Hair
Beach waves give every hair type natural looking texture and added body--even fine hair. To get the look, spray all over with a texturiser, then hot curl in pieces, and finish by gently brushing and arranging with your fingers.

Thick Hair
If your hair is thick, choppy layers look good at any length. To get the look, start with a texturising spray, hot curl in sections, and arrange loosely with your fingers and a paddle brush.

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