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We've Got Your Combination Skin Needs Covered

Are parts of your face super greasy, while other patches feel dry, tight, and cracked after washing? Analyse your skin to find the right product regimen with these combination skin care tips straight from our pros.

Tips for Combination Skin


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Spot Treat Oily & Dry Patches

Treat the oily and dry parts of your face, respectively, with products that specifically address clogged pores, acne-related blemishes, and flaky roughness.

Go Over Oily Zones with a Cleansing Brush

Twice a week, after washing, use a facial cleansing brush to slough away the dead skin build-up at your oiliest patches.

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Treat Yourself to a Steam Facial

deal for a once-a-week pamper session, this water-based treatment is a great way to supplement your complexion balancing routine while making skin more receptive to hydrating treatments.