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We've Got Your Volumising Needs Covered

Flat or fine hair? You can still go big. Our volumising hair products include the Fructis Hair Food watermelon range, enriched with 96% origin ingredients to help plump and strengthen hair.

There's also the Fructis Full & Lucious range with natural strengthener pomegranate, developed to help boost the look of fullness from scalp to ends. Use as recommended by our style experts, and you're set to volumise like a pro.


How To Add Volume To Hair


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Wash Your Hair With Volumising Hair Products

To add hair volume, use a volumising shampoo like the Fructis Hair Food Watermelon Shampoo. It contains watermelon extract, known to supply deep hydration whilst plumping and adding volume to the hair. Follow up with Fructis Hair Food Watermelon Conditioner to further replenish hydration and plump hair from the root. Give extra volume with hair treatment like the Fructis Hair Food Watermelon 3 in 1 Mask that brings bounce back to strands.

You can also opt for the Watermelon Hair Food 2 in 1 Shampoo Bar, a more sustainable way to achieve thicker looking hair made with 94% plant origin ingredients.

Don't look past our Fructis Full and Luscious range to boost hair volume. The Fructis Full & Luscious Shampoo is infused with natural pomegranate to create lasting thickness with no weigh down. This can be followed by the Fructis Full & Luscious Conditioner.

Blow Dry With Mousse

Before blow drying your hair, work a small amount of mousse through your roots in sections. Once hair is blow dried, you'll have unstoppable, all-day volume from the root. Hair will have long-lasting bounce, texture and hold. To begin,  lift each section at a 90-degree angle as you blow-dry to add voluminous body. To create an even more voluminous look, we recommend to put in hair rollers to create a super glam look.


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Tease Roots at an Angle To Add Hair Volume

Teasing roots at an angle is a technique used to create volume on at the root of your hair. It creates clusters and gives the hair an overall thicker look. To begin, divide hair into sections, and gently press a fine tooth comb into your roots, holding hair at a 90 degree angle. To hold the volume on the root, we recommend giving hair a spritz with a lightweight hair spray.

Texturise Before You Volumise

On days you skip shampoo, use a texturising spray to add body before you style. This will add volume to the hair as the texturising spray adds movement and lift to your style. Opt for a versatile volumising hair product that is specifically formulated to add volume and definition. To begin, spray your hair from roots to end at arm's length. Follow by flipping your hair upside down and scrunching to work the product into hair.

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