Benefits of a Solid Shampoo Bar

Sustainable beauty goes beyond our skincare regimes and makeup game. Haircare products are another arena where we can make eco-conscious choices to reduce plastic waste and infuse our beauty routines with natural-origin ingredients. Enter shampoo bars – the compact and solid version of your favourite haircare products. 

Ahead, we dive into the benefits of using shampoo bars for your home, hair and planet, and answer some of your most asked questions. From nourishing ingredients to plastic-free   and more compact packaging, view our top 6 solid shampoo benefits below. 


What is solid shampoo? 

Garnier is committed to leading the way towards more sustainable beauty. One of the opportunities that we have as a brand is to create sustainable products that are accessible to all. That’s where our zero plastic waste, 2 in 1 shampoo bars come in. 

So, how do shampoo bars work? Packed with nourishing oils and cleansing ingredients, shampoo bars retain a solid form between applications. When washing your hair, the bar creates a foamy lather. Garnier’s solid shampoos are:
Made using 94% nourishing plant-based ingredients
Packaged minimally and with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Mix certified cardboard   – made from a combination of FSC certified and controlled materials.1
98% biodegradable


Shampoo bar benefits

The benefits of a shampoo bar are wide ranging. Aside from being compact, the bar design allows them to be completely free of plastic waste. Here are some more reasons to make the sustainable switch:

1. Natural ingredients in a vegan formula: Natural ingredients are celebrated in this haircare alternative. With a shampoo bar, your hair can take advantage of nourishing extracted oils for brightened, glossy results.

2. Water saver: To reduce our carbon footprints, water usage needs to be decreased. Shampoo bars require 20% less water to rinse compared to a 250ml bottle of shampoo. 

3. Less plastic waste: Shampoo and conditioner bottles amount to a large portion of household plastic waste. By requiring no plastic packaging, with FSC certified cardboard packaging, the benefits of a shampoo bar can help reduce plastic waste.

4. Travel friendly: Packing your favourite hair care products for a trip isn’t always possible with conventional bottled formulas. The compact design of shampoo bars can be popped in your check in, carry on or backpack – wherever you’re heading!

5. Efficient: The sleek design takes up less real estate in the shower and lasts the equivalent of 2x 250ml shampoo bottles. 

6. Helps to maintain colour: Natural shampoo bar benefits help those with dyed hair. The natural ingredients used in our solid shampoos won’t dull coloured hair, helping to prevent premature colour fading. 


Choosing a Garnier solid shampoo

Garnier’s Hair Food 2-in-1 Bars feature nourishing ingredients like banana, aloe vera and watermelon. We’ve made it super easy to find which plastic free shampoo bar benefits suit your hair type and hair goals. See below to find your perfect match, and then discover expert-approved tips on using shampoo bars.

For dry hair types

Dry hair can result from  the colouring process, frequent use of heat styling tools and exposure to dry weather or salt water. A lack of moisture can make breakage, split ends and dulled hair more likely to occur, so it’s important to address it when you notice brittle or dull-looking hair. To help your hair gain back moisture, apply natural and nourishing ingredients. Our 94% plant origin-based Banana Hair Food 2-in-1 Shampoo Bar is enriched with banana extract and coconut oil to infuse strands and scalp with moisture.

For normal hair types

For shine and bounce, a hydrating solid shampoo benefits normal hair types. Regular application of moisture-rich natural ingredients helps hair to stay soft in both look and feel. For this hair type, Aloe Vera Hair Food 2-in-1 Shampoo Bar uses 94% plant origin ingredients including aloe vera extract to provide an intense amount of hydration to hair.

For fine hair types

Fine hair has the smallest strand density and can tend to lose shape more quickly than other hair types. To help retain shape and volume, add volumising ingredients to your haircare regime. Formulated without preservatives or silicone, Watermelon Hair Food 2-in-1 Shampoo Bar is rich in watermelon extract, pomegranate extract and coconut oil, which help to plump strands while adding moisture.



Frequently asked questions

To help your transition to solid shampoo bars, we’ve picked some of your most-asked questions to shed light on.

Are shampoo bars good for curly hair?

Curly hair requires deeply hydrating and volumising haircare support. The Hair Food range including Garnier’s solid shampoo benefits those with curly hair types. Look out for nourishing formulas like the Banana Hair Food 2-in-1 Shampoo Bar to support bounce and shine for those beautiful locks ! For more nourishment and to tame the most unruly hair, add Fructis Hair Food Smoothing Macadamia three-way mask to your routine. This will provide up to 72 hours of anti-frizz and deep conditioning your luscious locks.

Are shampoo bars better for the environment?

Shampoo bars are an effective way to help you on your sustainable beauty journey. By switching from a conventional shampoo bottle to a solid bar format, you can avoid plastic packaging! Alongside this, Garnier’s shampoo bars:

• Are 98% biodegradable as per the OECD 301 guidelines
• Are created with vegan ingredients
• Are packaged with FSC Mix certified cardboard 

How do shampoo bars work?

When water is added, shampoo bars create a foamy lather and can be applied straight onto your hair. For smooth, shiny locks, we recommend the following method: 
1. Holding the shampoo bar to your hair, lather the product from roots to tips before rinsing thoroughly.
2. If hair needs extra love, follow with a hair mask formulated for your hair type.
3. After use, store your solid shampoo in a dry place to prevent the product from dissolving.

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