How to Treat Dry & Frizzy Hair

Brittle, dry hair can often be a pain to look after, leaving most of us grasping at straws, desperate to bring those dull looking strands back to life. It’s safe to say that none of us want to wake up to a dry, frizzy head of hair in the morning, but unfortunately the frequent use of heat tools and the wrong choice of hair care products can take a toll on our healthy locks. Even when you avoid hot tools, and carefully choose your hair care, our environment plays a heavy role in the formation of dry hair, as the warmer months invite harsh UV rays and saltwater swimming sessions that can rid our hair of its natural moisture.

Fortunately, treating dry hair is easier than you may expect. There’s no reason to settle for brittle, dull strands or make drastic changes to your current hair care routine. Instead, there are easy product swaps and technique tweaks to ensure you hair hydration is revived. Keep reading to discover how to help dry hair and combat the external weather, so that your locks receive the TLC they deserve.

Steps on how to care for dry hair

Regardless of your hair type, there are various ways to keep your hair hydrated against heat damage, the changing weather, or too many hot soaks in the tub. Our environment may be uncertain but finding an ideal dry hair treatment is something we can incorporate over time. Taming the frizz takes a fair amount of effort, upkeep and commitment, but the results will give moisture back to your dry locks. Discover how to bring bounce and hydration to your hair once and for all with our hair care routine for dry, frizzy hair.

Garnier Hair Care

1. Use a moisturising shampoo

To add an extra boost of hydration, opt for a shampoo that is formulated to nourish hair. All hair types need a certain amount of moisture to maintain hair health, and by adding an extra source of hydration once a week, its one of the most effective ways to tame the nature of frizzy hair. The Fructis Nutri-Repair 3 Shampoo contains 3 fruit oils, including olive oil, avocado oil and shea to nourish dry hair. To apply, deeply massage into the scalp and distribute from roots to ends. Remember to rinse thoroughly before applying conditioner.

2. Deep condition on the regular

Restoring hydration through a deep conditioning formula is a great way to nourish dry hair and protect from further damage. The Fructis Nutri-Repair 3 10-In-1 Leave In Cream is an all in one cream specifically used to target dry hair. With moisturising ingredients like coconut, avocado and olive oil, the nourishing extracts protect the hair from daily wear and tear, producing a light weight, non-sticky cream that can be used at least once a week in your chosen dry hair care routine.

Garnier Fructis Hair Food
Garnier Fructis Hair Food

3. Brush with care

How you brush your hair can contribute to your hair’s overall temperament. Brushing most likely seems straight forward, but there is in fact a correct way to de-tangle your locks. By brushing in the right motion, you will distribute moisture along the entire hair strand. Steer clear of brushing wet hair. It’s best to wait a little while after a shower or swim to detangle those knots, as the hair is fragile and could cause further damage.

If your hair is dry or frizzy, be sure to use wide-tooth comb on damp hair, as these are designed to be gentle. If your hair is prone to excessive knots, add a detangling spray to help minimise breakage.

When brushing dried hair, use a traditional bristled hair brush and start from the bottom of the stand, gently working your way up to the top. This will ensure you remove any knots as you go, and Avoid any unnecessary harsh tugging. Once you detangle your hair, brush gently and evenly from top to bottom.

4. Apply a nourishing treatment

To help dry hair, opt for a multi usage treatment that combines the nourishing factors of an intense conditioner, hair mask and leave-in treatment. The Fructis Hair Food Nourishing Banana provides the perfect balance of sweet scented hair food to keep your dry hair hydrated. With a formula of 98% natural origin, and environmentally friendly packaging – a multi-use hair mask has never been so enticing.

Garnier Hair Care

5. Drink a load of water

Whilst it’s important to remain picky with your hair care products, it’s also essential to drink plenty of water throughout the day. The recommended amount to drink is around 2 litres – sounds like a lot, but remember, if you’re dehydrated, your hair feels it too. Hydrated hair starts from within, so keep an eye on your intake.

What causes dry and frizzy hair?

There are a variety of reasons as to why your hair can look and feel dry – including environmental factors, daily styling, and even a natural propensity based on hair type. Each strand of hair is made up of a number of layers, with an outer ‘cuticle’ that seals in natural oils and appears flat when hair is healthy. These natural oils, known as sebum, play an important role as a natural protectant for the hair, and in general, dry hair signals a lack of it.

A key cause of dry hair is often frequent hair washing, as it strips the sebum more often than necessary, causing hair that is already prone to dryness to lose its only dose of hydration. Excessive use of heat can also take a toll on brittle hair, stripping moisture levels as a result of everyday strain. Steam rising from your straightener every morning? That’s heat damage in action. For bottle blondes, brunettes or redheads, the use of hair colour has also damage the hair cuticle and lead to brittle and frizzy strands.

Beyond how you style, colour, and care for your hair, your locks are constantly exposed to a variety of elements. As the seasons change, it can bring havoc to even the most hydrated locks. An influx of heating or cooling, and frequent changes in temperature, can strip the hair of its natural oils. You may find that extra hair care is needed to bring your hair back to its hydrated glory in the depths of winter or height of summer. Like your skin, UV exposure can also damage the shaft of your hair.

What to avoid if you already experience dry hair

Staying consistent in healthy hair care habits will help improve the appearance of dry, dull strands, but hydration should remain a top priority. There are a few daily habits to incorporate that will ensure your frizz is tamed, and hair dehydration dealt with. For our expert tips on how to care for dry hair, we’ll start by breaking down some of the hair care sins to avoid.

Put the heating tools down

Heat styling may leave you with a cute ‘do but adds a significant amount of stress to your hair. Like other environmental aggressors, the extreme heat delivered by your favourite hair dryer, straightener, or curler, damages the outer layer of the hair shaft, resulting in brittle locks, stripped of natural oils and prone to breakage. If your hair is starting to look a little parched, it’s best to put the blow-dryer and straightener down for a little while and focus on restoring lost moisture. 

This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Start by reducing the number of days you use heat to style your hair and look for heat free hair styles that leave you with the look you want. When heat styling is non-negotiable, protect your hair with a heat protectant hair spray, which are designed to create a barrier from the heat. We love Fructis Nutri-Repair 3 10-In-1 Leave In Cream. For those who can’t switch off the styling tools at all, put the heat level down a smidge, and take only one pass through each section of hair at a time to ensure your strands aren’t aggravated.


Garnier Fructis Nutri-Repair 10-in-1 Cream

Cover up from the sun

Unfortunately, there is no remedy in a bottle to protect your hair from direct sunlight. While this doesn’t call for a complete avoidance of the sun, always remember to practice good sun safety habits. To find the perfect balance in both protecting your locks from the harsh UV rays and enjoying the perks of warm weather, throw on a hat or a statement scarf for that extra physical barrier.

Space out each wash

Washing your hair too frequently can result in the natural hair oils being stripped away. We understand that no one likes oily roots, but the overuse of shampoo application can do more harm than good on already dehydrated and brittle hair. A way to avoid this is to cut down on washing, by spacing out each session for less strain on your strands. And don’t forget to pat the hair dry, never rub!


Garnier Fructis Hair Food Shampoo - Banana

Avoid steamy showers

Dry, frizzy hair often means unruly hair, and one of the best ways to ensure your locks stay orderly is to turn down the heat in the shower. A hot steamy shower feels great, but that moment of heated relaxation can also dehydrate your hair. As the temperature rises, it can cause your hair to swell and irritate the shaft, resulting in parched, frizzy locks. We recommend sticking to lukewarm water. To further decrease the chance of frizz, rinse your hair under a little cool water at the end of your shower to help smooth the hair cuticle.

Choose the right hair care products

Using hair products that don’t align to your hair type or hair care needs won’t leave you with the results you’re looking for. In fact, sticking to the wrong hair care products could even result in unintended consequences, like frizz or dryness. 

When looking for a shampoo or conditioner, always check the product label to find out specifically designed for dry, dehydrated or frizzy hair. Alcohol is one to avoid, as it can strip away your hair’s natural oils, leaving you with less hydration than you started with. We love ultra-hydrating ingredients, like our Banana Hair Food range, including the Fructis Nourishing Banana Hair Food Shampoo & Fructis Nourishing Banana Hair Food Conditioner, for the ultimate in hair nourishment without weighing down hair. For an add hydrating boost to your hair care routine, look to the Fructis Hair Food Nourishing Banana, to intensely condition dry hair, and fix the frizz.


Garnier Fructis Hair Food Conditioner - Banana