How to Strengthen Weak Hair

From our styling regimen to the changing seasons, there are many factors at play when it comes to hair health. Whether your hair is tightly curled, thick or pin straight, we all need a little TLC sometimes to restore weakened locks. If the state of your mane is making you wonder how to strengthen your hair, you’re in luck. With a few tweaks to your hair care routine, you can rejuvenate weak and brittle looking and feeling locks from root to tip. To assist on your hair strengthening journey, we’ve put together our top tips below.

How to identify weak hair

Before exploring the question of how to strengthen weak hair, it’s important to identify the type of damage your hair is showing. How to treat weak hair will depend on whether you’re dealing with breakage, oiliness, extreme dryness or a combination. Here’s a quick rundown of how to identify weak hair:

  • Split ends: Is your hair splitting and fraying at the ends? Split ends could indicate you’re due for a trim, or that your hair care routine needs a dose of hydration.
  • Hair loss: Are you losing an excessive amount of hair during washes? Look at a loose strand to see whether it’s complete or a broken piece. For the former – it’s time to nourish your scalp. For the latter – it’s likely your hair is crying out for moisture and strength. 
  • Excess oil: Do you find you need to wash your hair every day to avoid oiliness? Although it seems contradictory, this can be caused by a dry scalp, triggering excess oil production.


How to strengthen your hair

Now that you’ve identified your hair concerns, it’s time to explore how to strengthen your hair and breathe new life into your locks. Scroll to discover our 6 tips for healthy looking, strengthened hair.

1: Wash hair less frequently

If your hair is in a weakened state and you’re wondering how to strengthen hair naturally, try washing your hair with shampoo just once or twice per week. You can refresh your hair between washes by rinsing and applying a hydrating conditioner – our Vitamin & Strength Conditioner is formulated specifically to strengthen weak hair with revitalising vitamin C and biotin.

2: Rinse hair with cool water

The benefits of washing hair with cool water are compelling: it can soothe irritated scalps, smooth hair follicles, cleanse without removing natural oils and provide shine. Our recommendation? Wash your hair as normal – then at the final stage, rinse out conditioner with cool water.

3: Try natural ingredients for a gentle hair care routine

On your quest to learn how to strengthen hair follicles you may be seeking to add more natural ingredients to your hair care routine. Thankfully, it is possible to find hair products that combine natural solutions with considered formulations. For example, our Fructis Hair Food Repairing Papaya Hair Mask delivers intense hydration and smoothing in a multi-use formula with 98% natural origin ingredients - it’s all about balance.

4: Use hair masks

A hair mask is typically a heavier, more hydrating product than your everyday conditioner. When it comes to how to strengthen hair roots and lengths, we recommend opting for a hair mask that combines natural ingredients with a nutritive formulation. Our Fructis Hair Food Aloe Vera Hair Mask is designed to hydrate dry, weak hair with aloe vera, grape extract and coconut oil, and can be used in a few ways:

  • Overnight mask: Saturate throughout your lengths and brush through and rinse the following morning.
  • Leave-in conditioner: Apply a small amount to damp hair after washing.
  • Refresh shine and hydration: Use on day two or three to add shine and refresh dry ends.

You can use our Fructis Finder tool to uncover the best Fructis Hair Food for your hair masking needs.

5: Massage the scalp

For scalp circulation, assisting with dry scalps and encouraging hair growth, scalp massage ,can be beneficial in any hair care routine. While learning how to strengthen hair, you can implement scalp massage in a few ways:

  • In the shower while shampooing. You can use a massaging tool – but your fingertips will work just as well to promote circulation and healthy looking hair.
  • Before applying your hair mask, massage the scalp as an additional self care step. Flip your hair upside down and gently massage with fingertips for a minute or two.
  • Before sleep, massage a hair serum into the scalp.

6: Trim hair regularly

Whether you’re growing your hair long and luscious or maintaining a shorter style, regular trims are a must. Left unmanaged, split ends can travel up the hair shaft and further weaken your strands. Regular trims every 4-5 months will keep split ends at bay and contribute to healthy hair growth.


Need more hair strengthening tips? Read our Repair and Strengthen Basics to learn more.