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More about Beeswax

Produced by the youngest bees in a hive, it’s used as both an emulsifier (which is something that helps bind opposite ingredients, like oil and water, to stop them from separating) and a base ingredient in many products. But it has plenty of its own benefits, too – here’s the lowdown.

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What is beeswax? 

Put simply, beeswax is a natural wax produced by honeybees. In Latin, it’s known as ‘cera alba’. Bees secrete this wax to build the honeycombs in which honey is stored.  Beeswax is made of fatty compounds which gives it interesting properties  and also got incredible haircare and skincare benefits, too.

Is beeswax good for hair?

Beeswax helps protect hair from external aggressions. It is also a good moisturizer that helps lock in moisture, making it a great ingredient for dry hair. And these properties could also make beeswax good for curly hair. In short, beeswax is a brilliant ingredient for helping to address the needs of fragile, broken hair.  

Is beeswax good for skin?

The beeswax benefits for skin include its emollient ability to create a protective film that helps reduce water loss. And as a fatty ingredient, it is often asked if beeswax is good for oily skin. Beeswax is not described as an ingredient that should cause breakouts to occur, so it can be formulated in products for dry skin types as well as oily. Check on the packaging the formula is non comedogenic in case of doubt.