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More about Argan Oil

But it’s no secret that using oil on your face isn’t always the greatest of experiences; some are too thick and heavy so form a film on the face, and others are simply too greasy. However, argan oil is one of the beauty industry’s most magical ingredients to know about – and here’s why. 

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Referred to as "liquid gold", argan oil is an extremely rich substance containing beneficial nutrients, fatty acids and vitamin-E; a known antioxidant.

What is argan oil? 

A plant-based oil that’s extracted from the nuts of the argan tree (its official name is Argania spinosa), which is native to Morocco. Argan oil is one of many oils that are made in the same way, but the benefits of argan oil make it one of the very best that you can use for hair, skin. Argan oil is naturally rich in fatty acids (omega 6 and 9) as well as in vitamin E .

Where does argan oil come from and how is it produced? 

Garnier’s supply of argan oil comes through a network that unites six groups of over 500 Berber women in Morocco who collect the nuts at the beginning of summer from the Argania Spinosa forest in the southwest of the country. The nuts are then sent to cooperatives that use traditional cold pressing processes (which uses mechanical pressure instead of heat) to ensure all of the argan oil’s goodness is retained. Through the programme, Garnier can guarantee fair, stable wages and good working conditions which help women, and their families, achieve greater economic independence.  

What does argan oil do for skin? 

Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants like vitamin E, it’s most often used to help strengthen the skin barrier and limit water loss to hydrate and moisturize dry, dull skin, as well as being able to protect against environmental damage.

However, its benefits span all skin types – and when well formulated, it doesn’t leave skin with that tell-tale greasy feeling. For those with oily acne prone skin do not hesitate to check on the packaging if the formula is non comedogenic. As well as being suitable to use on its own, it’s an ingredient that’s often formulated into both skin care products, like moisturisers and body lotions.

What does argan oil do for hair?  

Just like for dry, dull skin, argan oil is good for dry, dull hair, providing it with both shine and suppleness.

Incorporating argan oil into your hair routine is easy! Using shampoo, conditioner and masks that contain it is said to help improve overall hair quality by acting like a bath of nutrition to strengthen the hair fiber and to help keep coloured hair soft and illuminated.