Blue eyes may be the envy of some, but picking a new hair colour is tricky to say the least! Get some helpful hints here about the best hair colour for you.

Some people might give their right arm for beautiful blues, but those blessed with them often believe that their hair colour choices are limited. With the vast range from Garnier, this is no longer true. Read on to find out about the best hair colours for blue eyes to suit your enviable complexion!

Blond, copper and brown, oh my!

Blue eyes usually go hand in hand with pale complexions, and the obvious naturally-occurring hair colours look the best. Blond hair colour is a typical choice. Chic ash-blonds are a good option, carrying underlying hints of blue to perfectly mirror the similar hues in your skin. Those with pinkier skin tones can indulge in a warmer golden blond hair dye, infused with caramels to really bring light into your face.

One glance at any magazine suffices to see that redheads are making a great comeback at the moment, and ginger is now definitely more sexy than shameful. Light copper or amber shades are some examples of the best hair colour for blue eyes, creating a beautiful celtic look. For more ideas on fantastic red hair colours, have a look at the Garnier article “How to choose the perfect copper hair colour”.

Finally, although a pale complexion is usually the norm, you may be one of the few with both blue eyes and deep olive skin tones. If so, then a brown hair colour could be the perfect choice. Here the same rules apply, if your skin tones are on the warmer side, then notes of chestnut or red as in the our mahogany brown will look fantastic.

Choosing colour is never simple, but with Garnier’s fantastic range and easy-to-use shade finder, finding the best hair colour for blue eyes couldn’t be simpler. So what are you waiting for? Start getting creative with your hair!