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How to Wear Short, Pink Hair

Short pink hair is an exciting new trend, and the good news is that there’s a style to suit every face shape. But there’s another angle to consider - if you’re asking yourself what version of this trend would suit you, have a close look at your face shape and skin tone.

Finding The Right Shade
If you have a cool skin tone (ebony, ivory or fair) a pure shade of pink will really complement your complexion. If your skin tone is warm (brown, olive or rosy) look for a shade of dusty pastel pink - more like a pale peach colour - to enhance your complexion and make your eyes sparkle. Once you know your ideal shade, use a hair dye that nourishes and strengthens your hair while colouring. Garnier pink hair dye offers a selection of cool to hot pinks.

Which Cut Suits Your Face?
The best short hairstyles for round faces include lots of layering to create shape and angles; a layered fringe is an excellent choice. With short pink hair, you may want to go for a slightly spiky look, with very short layers on top and softer layers at the sides. Short hairstyles for square face shapes should be kept smooth and sleek to add some curves to your profile. A short bob with a side parting would suit you down to the ground.

If you’ve set your heart on the fashion for short pink hair, go for it! With the right dye to care for your locks, the right shade for your skin, and a cut to suit your face shape, there’s a short pink hairstyle out there that’s perfect for you.