Dying Your Hair At Home: Our Step-by-Step Guide

Wondering how to dye your hair to a shade that inspires you? It can be daunting, but there’s no need to hesitate about colouring your hair at home. Follow this simple step-by-step to help you have a great at-home hair colouring experience!

STEP ONE: Pick the Right Formula
Nowadays, there plenty of fabulous dyes available. Olia’s oil-based formula is ammonia-free and powered by oils. There are 17 shades - choose the right Olia colour for you. The Nutrisse line is also enriched with natural oils.

STEP TWO: Preparation is Key
Don’t wash your hair for a couple days beforehand, as dye penetrates better into fibres with some oil. Have everything you might need to use on hand before you start - check that your gloves & colouring brush are within reach. Wear an old t-shirt or throw an old towel over your clothes, and protect your bathroom surfaces as well.

STEP THREE: Play by the Rules
A strand test is essential. Use on the instructions on the box to conduct one. If they say leave the dye for 20-25 minutes, don’t wait 40 minutes hoping for a richer colour as this can damage your hair. Remember - it’s important to apply the dye carefully for balanced coverage all over your head.

STEP FOUR: Care for Your Hair After Dyeing
Avoid shampooing for 2 or 3 days after dyeing your hair. This allows the dye to be locked into the hair fibres so the colour will last longer. Once you’ve started washing again, use products designed for coloured hair. If you’ve picked a colour that’s much lighter than your original shade, use a colour toner to avoid any unwanted orange or yellowy tints.

As you’ve seen, dyeing your own hair at home is nothing to be afraid of when you follow our simple steps. Armed with the right hair dye and some nourishing products to protect your locks afterwards, you’ll be ready to make the leap in no time!

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