How Maintain Curly Hair - Men's Edition

When it comes to curly hair advice, men often get overlooked. But with more men wearing their hair longer there's been a serious spike in attention on men's curly hairstyles - and 2019 is sure to see this trend continue. Here's our quick guide on everything from how to style & care for curly hair, to how to achieve curls when you have none!

How to Keep Curly Hair Hydrated & Soft
To maintain curly hair, the number one rule is moisture. If you can keep your hair well-hydrated not only will it be in good condition, it'll be easier to style too. For short curly hair, moisture and regular trims will maintain your luscious locks. For long curly hair, you'll need to follow a more intense routine. Use a conditioning mask weekly to keep your hair hydrated and leave-ins treatments to lock moisture in. Curly hair types also range from barely wavy to tight, shrinkage-prone curls. Typically the tighter your curl is, the higher your need for hydration. Try styling your hair with an all-in-one moisturiser and styler.

Styling Tips for Defined, Shiny Curls
Wondering exactly how to style curly hair? Men with short hair have it easy: once your hair is cleansed and conditioned, styling can be as simple as working through a light moisturising styler. If you have super-short curly hair that you wear in waves, maintain them by brushing your hair regularly and wearing a du-rag at night. Longer hair will require a little more time and attention; be sure to separate your hair into sections before working product in, and keep in mind you may have to layer products for optimal results.

Want curls But Haven't Got Them? Get The Waves You Crave!
If you have naturally straight hair and want curls, you have some options. Firstly check if your hair isn't secretly curly: between harsh blow drying and short haircuts, many men think their hair is straight when it's actually curly or wavy. To see if you have natural wavy hair, scrunch gel into wet hair and let it air dry without touching it again. If you see a few ripples or coils here and there, then you have curls or natural waves. If your hair is long enough, you can curl your hair heatlessly at home by twisting or braiding it damp at night and unleashing your wavy curls in the morning.