From platinums to caramels, the range of blonde hair colours is as vast as their oft-repeated stereotypes are wrong. Discover the glamorous world of BLOND!

Blond can be natural, blond can be statement. Blond can be white-hot, blond can be warm caramel. One thing blond is not, is boring. Garnier understands the complexities of blond like no other, and their blond selection offers a vast range of different types of blond combining different underlying base tones, depths, and lightness.

One shade to suit every personality…

Choosing a hair colour is never easy, whether you are a home-dye expert or this is your first time taking the plunge. Your choice will largely depend on your natural skin tones and original hair colour. For more general advice, read the Garnier article “5 tips to choose a hair colour that suits you”.

You may be looking for an enhanced version of your natural blond colour or want to dramatically transform your look from brunette or redhead. Either way, your choice is vast!

Natural blond hair colour is a complex beast, varying from warm golden undertones in darker hues to cooler blue-note undertones. Garnier’s expertly designed colour range creates rich blond hair dyes with perfectly chosen undertones prevent a block look and are never plain.

As a rule, you should stray no further than two shades away from your natural colour, meaning that light ashy blond is theoretically out of reach for dark brunettes. Yet here at Garnier, we believe that if you want to go platinum, you go platinum, and stuff the experts! The best hair colours, however, match skin tones.

Skin tones usually come in pinky warm hues or cooler yellow colours, and it is a good idea to match these with your hair colour. In other words: warm tones suit golden or amber hues while cooler tones suit sharper blue-based blonds.

If you are straying away from your natural dark colour, a great trick is to keep your roots darker to create a more natural progression between your complexion and hair.