Race to the top of the fashion elite with these top hair colouring ideas for 2015!

Loud reds and mousey-browns are soooo last year. 2015 is seeing an explosion of cool tones and fabulous dyeing trends that are guaranteed to give your look a hotter-than-hot make over!

There’s a cool front coming in…

While 2014 saw many adding warmth to their look by infusing reds into their brown or touches of honey into blond, 2015 is turning the temp down low on hair colour and looking more icy and cool than ever.

Blonds took a more natural turn last year, with stars darkening right down to brown, but now they’re back with a vengeance. This time, cool tones are in, with icy platinums creating a stunning look paired with pale complexions and just a hint of cool blue tones. And thanks to the fantastic ranges of permanent hair colour now possible in the comfort of your own home, this kind of dramatic look is more fabulous than ever. Your hair stays vibrant and glossy for longer than was ever previously possible. Have a browse of the Garnier Blond Range to pick out the perfect colour for you.

But its not only blonds that can be cool, 2015 has seen a multitude of cool dark brown shades appearing that really wow with an icy, gothic vibe. Think frosty chestnut, so dark it’s almost black, with underlying hints of blue and green for a really cool look, like this Garnier Olia Frosty Chestnut.

Move over auburns and scarlets, there’s a new red in town!

This year the colour to make the biggest noise has to be Marsala red, a deep, spicy burgundy that just breathes Spanish countryside and rich red wine.

Punky pastels

What about a totally supernatural look? 2015 has gone beyond the purpley experiments of 2014 to go full-blown violet and blue. There are ever more shades of these punky pastel colours available in permanent hair dye ranges. These are great flattering colours for pale to medium complexions, still straddling the two worlds of professional grace and funky style. For a more demure look, a lot of brunettes are going blue-black, excellent for a touch of unique style while still staying under the radar…

Whatever you choose, remember to care for your hair, and have fun with your style!