Looking for the perfect shade to complement your pale skin? Get some ideas from the experts here!

Ever since the explosion of Twilight fever, pale complexions have been the envy of all, prized for their ethereal beauty. Choosing a hair colour that will complement, and not wash out, your complexion can be tricky though, and there are certain tips you should keep in mind.

Cooler…warmer… and you’re there!

First and foremost, all complexions, whether dark, medium or light, also differ in terms of colour tones. Some are warm, with pinky, red tones underlying the overall shade, and some are what we call cooler, with more yellowy hues. This applies to pale skin too, and can tell you what hair colour will suit you.

As a general rule, pale complexions look best with light hair colours. Cooler skin tones can get away with paler, sharper blonds that are undercut with cool hues like blue or citrus. For a red look, these skin tones suit more orange-based coppers, like this spicy Garnier Nutrisse Nectarine that really complements the yellow in the skin. In contrast, people with pink in their skin should opt for a more golden blond, like this Garnier Nutrisse Honey Blond. Or, if you are looking for a red look, a more auburn red shade looks fantastic with pinky pale skin, lending you a real Scottish highlands vibe.

You don’t only have to stick to light hair colour, though. If you are looking for a really striking look, one of the hottest trends at the moment is midnight black shades undercut with blue. This is a fantastic with cool complexions, giving you an envious Snow White look.

The fantastic thing about hair dye now is that you really can achieve great permanent colour from a bottle at home. Have a look at the range of Garnier hair colour products for some fantastic ideas.