Inject some youthful style and colour into your look with Garnier dyes. Read on to discover some fabulous tips on how to achieve effortlessly young-looking hair!

Home hair colouring has seen incredible advances in recent years, providing us with a vast range of colour options that not only cover grey hair but guarantee youthful, vibrant-looking hair. Garnier home hair dyes have the best anti-ageing hair colour tips.

As we age, our hair colour and health ages too, and we’re not just talking about grey hair. Once glossy brown or blond locks can become duller and dry, yet young-looking hair is just a bottle away. The Garnier range not only offers natural tones from Golden Dark Blond to silky Iced Chocolate but also bright vibrant reds and stunning light blonds. These dyes are infused with natural flower oils that propel the colour deep into your hair providing the best permanent hair colour.

Colour your way to a more youthful look

Not so long ago, anti-ageing methods meant spending inordinate amounts of time and money. Now a simple home colour treatment can give you a whole new look, with glossy and youthful hair. Many opt for blond, a colour that just oozes youthful beauty. Garnier colours provide soft, multi-hued colours that reflect the light and brighten your complexion, visibly softening wrinkles.

Want to stay brunette? It is best to steer clear of very dark tones unless you have a naturally dark complexion, as these can accentuate imperfections in the skin. Opt instead for rich chocolatey tones or caramels, and don’t be afraid to experiment: make the most of home colouring to play with trendy dip dye and ombre styles to create layered, deep colour.

Finally, ever since Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross hit our screens, the lure of those luscious scarlet locks has tempted more than a few women. With the right shade to compliment your complexion, a red hair colour can rejuvenate your look.