A few things you need to know before you apply your colour

Is this your first time dying your hair with a permanent shade? Here’s all you need to know about permanent hair dye and how to get the best from your colour.

Get ready to colour!

Permanent hair colours are designed to penetrate the hair shaft and deposit colour directly onto the hair cortex. Most permanent hair colours contain peroxide which is the best option for lightening hair, but it can leave hair feeling brittle. Garnier’s permanent hair dyes are designed to leave your hair feeling shinier and softer for longer.

Unlike temporary hair dyes, permanent hair colour gives a bolder colour and covers grey hair longer. Permanent hair colour lasts until your hair grows. It tends not to fade after washing but you may notice that you need to re-touch your roots after about 4-6 weeks. Depending on how fast your hair grows, of course!

If you’ve decided to go for a permanent hair colour, make sure you have done a strand test 24 hours before to ensure that you aren’t allergic to the product and that you’re happy with the colour. Another common mistake is to buy less hair dye that you think you need. Always buy an extra pack in case you run out halfway through, particularly if you have long and thick hair. What could be worse than a blotchy colour?