Keep hair colour vibrant when on the go.

Keeping your hair colour vibrant when you’re on the go doesn’t need to be a chore. Whether you have intense red, black, brown or blonde hair, use tips to maintain your hair colour when you’re travelling to be sure that your hair colour shades don’t fade.

Sun and sea: your hair’s worst enemy!

Use UV protection: Exposure to the sun can leave your hair frizzy, dry and wash out its colour. But you don’t have to avoid the sun to make sure that your blonde highlights stay golden. Many shampoos, conditioners and styling aids contain SPF protection. Avoid any hair colour products that contain high levels of alcohol or peroxide, as these will only hasten any damage caused by the sun.

Rinse well: Both salty seawater and chlorine-filled swimming pools can wreak havoc on your hair. Your hair naturally has a high water content and if this is not replenished, it becomes parched and brittle. Not rinsing your hair well will leave your hair colour faded and dull.

Moisturise: Like your skin, your hair can dry out in the sun too. To keep it moisturised, use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for dry hair. Brushing your hair well also helps to hydrate it. It stimulates the scalp and produces natural oils for extra shine while removing dirt and damaging particles.

Pin it up: When you’re preparing for your trip, make sure you pack plenty of bobby pins. Keeping your locks pinned back is the best way to both protect your hair and keep it neat. If you’re swimming a lot, make sure you keep your hair up or invest in a good swimming cap!