Top tips on keeping dyed hair soft and vibrant

Once you’ve applied the perfect shade, the next thing to do is to make sure you treat your hair properly. Whether you’ve gone for a drastic or subtle change, any hair dye will leave your hair feeling coarser and dryer than before. Fear not! With these tips and tricks, your hair will be left feeling as silky soft as it did before.

Treat your hair with a little tender loving care!

Condition well: It’s no secret that any permanent hair dye can leave your hair feeling coarse. To prevent this, add a deep conditioning treatment to your hair routine at least once a week. Dampen your hair with warm water, apply the conditioner and leave it in for half an hour. Once thoroughly rinsed, you should see the difference in softness and shine immediately.

Use the right shampoo: Avoid using harsh shampoos that will make your hair dull and damaged. Choose a gentle shampoo that is designed for coloured hair, which will help retain your colour. Find the best shampoo for you that will boost your hair colour.

Avoid your hairdryer: If you’re not in a rush, avoid reaching for your hairdryer, straighteners and curlers as these make hair porous. Let your hair dry naturally as much as possible or make sure you use a heat protection spray beforehand.

Re-dye often, but not too often: You should only re-dye your hair once a month max. Dyeing your hair too much makes it coarse and straw-like, don’t change up your shades too often.