Natural-looking copper, scarlet, and ruby shades: find the red Garnier Olia colour to suit your style!

From Jessica Chastain’s celtic-style coppery red to Isla Fisher’s rusty locks, we are suddenly surrounded by redheads. Some are natural and some are brunettes looking to spice up their style. Set yourself apart from the brunettes and blonds of the world by taking the plunge with a vibrant red hair colour.

Bold or natural, which is the best red hair colour for me?

Choosing a hair colour is never easy, whether you are a home-dye expert or this is your first time taking the plunge. Your choice will largely depend on your natural skin tones, original hair colour, and the effect you are going for.

Head over to the Garnier shade finder and take the simple questionnaire to find the right colour for you. Or have a look at the Garnier article “5 tips to choose a hair colour that suits you”. Are you pale-skinned with light green or hazel eyes? A deep red spiked with copper tones will transform you into a celtic goddess! More of a darker complexion? Opt for a bold, vibrant red for a glamorous look that is bang on trend.

Wary of going all-out red straight away? Hot trends like a dip dye or ombre finish could be the perfect stop-over option for you on the way to your redhead transformation. Even black-haired beauties like Rihanna have proved that a dash of red can add a youthful energy to any look, whatever your natural colour.