Fancy spicing up your natural chestnut colour? Find some fantastic tips here on hair colour ideas for chestnut hair from the hair whisperers at Garnier...

We’ve all been there, faced with our reflection in the mirror and wishing we could do something more interesting with our normal chestnut-brown hair. The good news is, there are a myriad of options open to you, from having a full colour make-over to little tricks to inject more fun into your hair. Read on for hair colour ideas for chestnut hair.

Garnier, hair whisperers…

Let’s face it, brown hair can be boring, which is why the Garnier hair colour range is your go-to magician for all things colour and style! Perhaps you are looking for ways to realise your dream of becoming a blond? Perhaps you simply want to spice up your hair colour so it looks more glamorous and stylish? Whatever you need, Garnier hair colour has you covered.

One thing some people do not know about their chestnut hair is that it has strong red undertones running through it. Garnier colours can bring these tones to the surface, creating fantastically dense glossy colour that catches the light to project an image of health and wellbeing.

Red hair colour is the obvious choice for chestnut hair, and there are many options available to you. You could go for an all-over permanent intense red for a bold change, or try some more coppery tones as highlights. The natural pinky hues of your skin will be infused with warmth by these colour additions, giving you a healthy glow.

Blond hair dye is always an option, although very light blond is not advisable for those with already medium-dark hair and complexions. A great compromise is a dark golden blond with lighter dip dye ends: fabulous beach chic.

For alternative hair colour ideas for chestnut hair, think colour injection! Be bold and try out the latest fashion trend of violet hair dye, with deep purple highlights hidden under your dark chestnut hair.