Why should blondes have all the fun? This season, the fashion elite are going brunette, for a sultry sensual look. Find out here why you should too!

Brown hair colour is back, in all its natural, sultry glory. Everywhere you look, people are rejecting bright hollywood blonds and auburns, from famous blondes to ex-redheads, for red-infused chestnut brown hair colour.

Chestnut brown – a colour that suits everyone

Choosing a hair colour is never a snap decision, and with the vast choice available we tend to forget how many fantastic brown hair colours there are available. Whether you want to spice up your natural brown or fancy coming over to the dark side from your previous blond or red colour, chestnut brown hair could just be the perfect look for you.

The fantastic thing about chestnut is how it offers so much more than just brown, with notes of caramel and reddish brown underlying the dark colour making it suitable for most skin tones. As always, take your complexion into consideration when picking out your next colour. If you are pale skinned with a pinky skin tone, the warm tones in chestnut brown will bring these out and give you a healthy glow. Even darker complexions look fabulous with this colour, as its deep brown won’t contrast too sharply with your eyes or skin, but adds light with its caramel hints.

This colour also looks great mixed with reds or blonds in dip dye styles, all the rage at the moment!

With the Garnier Permanent Hair Colour range, long-lasting glossy brown colour is within reach. Try the groundbreaking oil-powered dyes that not only provide fantastic permanent colour but also care for your hair. Why not try the Garnier Olia Frosty chestnut dye for a dark, sultry look? This colour will look especially great with medium complexions, and give paler skin a bold Snow White look infused with warm light.

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