From dip dye to ombre, punky violets to the brown revolution, we’ve broken down the 5 top hair colour trends to watch out for in 2015.

Thanks to the incredible glossy, healthy-looking colour now available from a bottle, hair colouring is going through a revolution. Join in the fun with some of these fantastic cutting-edge trends! 

Embracing the natural

1) Come over to the dark side…This autumn has seen an explosion in celebs trading in their natural famous blond or red for dark brown hair colour. Sultry, mature, work-appropriate, and flattering, dark mahogany, burgundy, and chestnut hues are where it’s at. Try Garnier’s Nutrisse Iced Chestnut for a rich shade that suits every skin type.

2) Dip dye, babylights, sombré…Not content with all-over colour, colour addicts are experimenting more and more with highlight techniques. These new techniques create gradual fades with dip dyed lighter tips or sombré, or ‘soft ombré’ styles, and sunkissed-effect babylights. Expect to see more complex, deep colour blends in 2015.

3) Red is the new blond…Redheads are coming out in full force now, whether natural or bottle-dyed, and we love the ultra sexy celtic-tinged look. Think softer rather than bright red hair dye, with natural auburn and copper shades. Read “How to choose the perfect red hair colour” for more ideas.

4) Moving away from 2014’s platinums, blond is looking to become more natural, with thick visible dark roots cut through with darker golds and caramels. Expect to hear “bronde” a lot in 2015 – a blend of brunette and blonde!

5) Dyes that care…With oil-based hair dyes now available that are ammonia-free, like the Olia dyes found in the Garnier Permanent Hair Colour range, permanent hair colour looks glossy and feels silky soft. The flower-oil infused dyes actually care for your hair. Expect to see more and more dyed hair in 2015 thanks to this home hair colouring revolution!

Which trend tickles your fancy?