Will deodorant stop night time perspiration?
If you suffer from night time perspiration, choose a strong deodorant that's right for you. 

Hot weather, central heating and hormones mean that we all suffer from night time perspiration from time to time. Using an antiperspirant at night will protect us from the discomfort of sweating by blocking the skin’s pores, often with aluminium which is added to the antiperspirant ingredients.

Mineral-based deodorant

The effect of a particularly absorbent mineral base, such as in Garnier’s Mineral range, works to absorb a maximum of moisture, keeping you fresh and dry all night long. Your skin can breathe, and you will get a better and more restful sleep. 

Applying your deodorant in the evening at bedtime will also improve its daytime effect. Deodorants and antiperspirants work during 24 to 72 hours, so the important thing to remember is to apply them when they'll be most effective. At night, your skin is at its coolest, and the mineral content of the deodorant will keep the skin dry throughout the night. This combination of cool and dry allows the deodorant to have maximum contact with your skin and pores, allowing the active ingredients to really get to work.