How to Protect Your Skin With A SPF Facial Mist

If you already love the hydration and convenience that a facial mist offers, imagine if they could simplify your routine even further by replacing your sun cream. That's right - facial mists with high SPF are finally here! With several skin care benefits rolled into one, there's a good case for making these super-convenient face care products a permanent part of your daily skin care ritual. Here's how face mists look set to transform your regimen.

1. They Provide You Protection and Hydration 
Drawn from the innovative world of Korean beauty, face mists are now loved the world over. People love their signature burst of instant hydration, sealed with a smooth & skin-protecting glow. High SPF facial mists are taking that protection even further by providing your skin with defence against the sun too. Traditional sunscreens already offer full coverage, but their rich texture sometimes leads to people applying them too sparingly to their face in fear it will be too heavy or leave streaks. This can mean missing out on protective benefits that are vital to skin care in the long run. Luckily, just as regular face mists provide moisture without dislodging your foundation, a facial mist with SPF dries quickly and easily. This means it can provide sun protection for your face AND leave your makeup intact!

2. They Give You Convenient Protection From the Sun
When it comes to sun protection for your face or body, most people know the importance of staying well-slathered with sunscreen when outdoors. Under the intense heat of a tropical sun, the threat of sunburn from UVB rays is very present. Once the summer is over, however, the emphasis on sun protection slips. Few people realise how the threat of deeper skin damage from UVA rays follows them back from their holidays - wherever the sun shines, it releases UVA rays that break down the proteins in skin. This can cause everything from wrinkles to skin cancer, even in the middle of winter. Your face takes the brunt of these rays since it's always uncovered and exposed. Using a facial spray with SPF as your go-to moisturiser several times a day means you can keep your skin protected on a consistent basis, and keep that youthful glow a little longer.

3. They Protect Your Skin From Pollution
UV rays don't just cause direct damage. They're known to react with pollution in the air, producing free radicals which are quick to attack your skin. In turn the damage from these free radicals weakens the surface of your skin, making it less resistant to the sun's UV rays. Since free radical damage is one of the leading causes of skin ageing, keeping your skin shielded from the UV rays that help these oxidising molecules get to your skin is a good idea. If your skin is sensitive, then pick a facial mist formula designed for your complexion. Now that sun care has become so convenient, there's no reason not to keep your skin protected from the elements all year long.

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