Your Everyday Body Care Routine for Every Skin Type

As with any good habit, the secret to a great body care routine is to find what works for you and to stick to it. Of course, that’s much easier said than done, so incorporating it into your existing daily routine is key. If you save looking after your skin for special occasions and holidays, you might find it’s not quite enough, or that it doesn’t happen at all - even if you have all the best intentions. What you need is a full body care routine that’s realistic and achievable for even the busiest people. You can do this with a few good skin care products that’ll do their job efficiently and effectively every day. Follow these simple, no-nonsense body care tips for smoother, healthier looking skin.

Full body skin care tips

A simple body care routine only needs a handful of steps. If you’re a fan of a minimalist skincare routine, you can apply the same philosophy to the rest of your body - there’s no need to over-complicate things. All you need is a small selection of dedicated body care products that you love, that slot naturally into your daily body care routine. Here are the main steps to include:

Cleansing: Kick off your body care routine by refreshing skin all over with a good cleanser.
Exfoliating: Even a no-frills body skin care routine needs a scrub to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin smooth.
Moisturising: Step out of the shower and apply a body lotion, cream or gel to lock in hydration.
Deodorant: Care for your underarms with a gentle yet effective deodorant.

Maintaining a consistent body care routine will add a dash of luxury to your day while keeping your body skin moisturised and refreshed. Read on for our four-step full body skin care routine and learn how to adjust your body care for different skin types and concerns.


1. Start in the shower with cleansing, nourishing and exfoliation

Most of us are rushed in the morning, so time is of the essence. Set the ball rolling on your most efficient body care routine with an exfoliating cleanser in the shower. A good body scrub will unclog pores, exfoliate and illuminate your skin.


2. Continue with simple body care

Once you step out of the shower it's time to get dressed and get going. Just before you do though, apply a nourishing body lotion that will stand your skin in good stead throughout the day. A speedy application of a lightweight body lotion will melt into the skin fast, so there’s no waiting around before getting dressed.


3. Body care throughout the day

Body care isn’t strictly an at-home activity. Throughout the day, even at work, you can care for your body with travel-friendly skin care products that you can pop into your bag. This time-saving tip can be useful for effective hand and lip care.


4. Target dry skin zones

There’ll be times you’ll need to give your skin’s moisture levels a boost. Once or twice a week, use a formula with ultra-soothing and smoothing ingredients like our Body Superfood Cocoa & Ceramide. Powered by cocoa seed and shea butter, this nourishing body lotion will supply dry skin areas with fast-absorbing moisture. You’ll hardly notice the time it takes to attend to problematic dry patches, but your skin will definitely appreciate it.


Body care routine for different skin types

Just as you tailor your facial skincare regime to your unique skin type and needs, you might want to adapt your body skin care routine too. From dry skin that needs an extra helping of moisture, to sensitive skin that can benefit from bespoke ingredients and a comforting formula, body skin care has come a long way. We’ve said goodbye to the basic creams and soaps of the past – body skin care products now come in a range of consistencies infused with ingredients for different skin concerns. Garnier’s Body Superfood range was created with this in mind. The range includes a variety of textures and hero ingredients to give different skin types the care and hydration they need. For your ideal body care routine at home, read on.


Body care routine for dry skin

Fatty acids and rich cream formulas are holy grails in body care for dry skin. Whether your skin is prone to dryness year-round or gets sapped of moisture in the colder months, add a body cream made for dry skin types to your routine to get your glow back. The Body Superfood Avocado & Omega 6 can hydrate the skin up to 10 layers deep* with the power of lipid-rich avocado and omega 6 fatty acids to replenish dry skin, leaving skin feeling supple and smelling heavenly.

*Upper layers of the epidermis


Body care for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin types need hydration as much as the next person, but dense creams made for drier skin can be too heavy while lighter gel creams may not supply enough moisture. To avoid bothering delicate skin, sensitive skin types need a body care routine that’s just right. With aloe vera to comfort and cool, and magnesium to assist with skin functioning, the Body Superfood Aloe Vera & Magnesium is designed to simplify your body skin care routine for dry sensitive skin.


Body care for very dry skin

Gels and lotions often don’t pack enough punch for extra dry skin types, making thicker creams a must in body care for very dry skin. The two hero ingredients in the Body Superfood Cocoa & Ceramide set it apart for very dry skin types. Dry skin can be caused by low ceramide levels, which can leave you feeling dry and uncomfortable. Refresh moisture with a ceramide-rich cream - and look for occlusive ingredients like cocoa butter to make sure your newfound hydration stays put.


Body care for normal skin

Without specific skin concerns, normal skin types need an all-rounder to stay soft and hydrated day and night. With watermelon for deep moisture and hyaluronic acid to up the skin’s water content, the Body Superfood Watermelon & Hyaluronic Acid is an effective everyday skin hydrator with a fresh, luscious scent to boot. Apply this fast-absorbing skin superfood day and night for a hydrating effect that lasts up to 48 hours*.

*Instrumental test

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