A men’s antiperspirant keeps you dry and smelling good, but which is the most effective?

If you want really effective protection from perspiration, odour and humidity, then using a high quality and effective antiperspirant is important. It will protect you from the discomfort of sweating as well as helping you to look and smell your best. Some antiperspirants use alcohol to reduce sweating, while others are formulated without this ingredient. 

How to choose an effective antiperspirant

Not all effective antiperspirants have to include alcohol. It is possible to find a strong antiperspirant that is alcohol free that works by absorbing humidity rather than blocking its production. Effective men’s antiperspirants are formulated with a particularly absorbent mineral base such as those used by Garnier. Garnier’s Mineral range works to absorb maximum moisture, keeping you fresh and dry all through the day. Your skin will be able to breathe, and you will be more comfortable and confident. 

The best deodorants for men last for 24 to 72 hours. You can apply your deodorant in the evening before you go to bed as this will improve its daytime effect, the mineral content of the deodorant will keep the skin dry throughout the night and the next day. Try the Garnier Mineral Men Xtreme Ice Deo Spray for perfect cool antiperspirant protection.