It can be difficult to know if you should use your deodorant before or after sport.

Of course, we all hate the embarrassment and discomfort of perspiring during our sport session. Luckily, we can choose to use a strong antiperspirant or deodorant to keep us dry and comfortable. It will keep us clean and odour free by absorbing humidity and fighting bacteria... but is it best to apply deodorant before or after doing sport?

Morning or evening application?

The most effective time of day to apply your deodorant and antiperspirant is actually at night before going to bed.  The active ingredients are especially effective at night because your body temperature is lower and your underarms dryer. The lower heat and extra dryness will give your deodorant more chance to work on your skin. 

Modern strong deodorants are effective for 24 hours or more, so you will be perfectly protected even the next day. Of course, if you like applying your product just before your sport or exercise session, then you can pop on a bit more. If you take a shower after your sport session, then you can spray or roll on a fresh layer. Don’t overdo it though, as you might spoil your clothes or become irritated if you apply too many layers in the same day! For maximum effect, apply your deodorant to clean and dry skin. Don't know where to start? Check out Garnier’s Mineral range for a great selection of efficient deodorants and antiperspirants.