If you’re wondering whether to buy a roll on or spray deodorant, then here’s a bit of advice!

There is a selection of effective deodorants on the market which we can use regularly to help avoid the unpleasant effects of sweating. Modern deodorants have different formulas combining ingredients that fight excessive perspiration and odour. Your choice between a roll on deodorant and spray will depend on your preferences and lifestyle rather than on the efficacy of the product. 

Under your arms and on your body

Roll on deodorant is applied directly to the skin under your arms. You can be sure that you are applying an even layer just where you want it. You can use your roll on in some other small areas of your body that you wish to protect from perspiration. A mini roll on deodorant is handy to pop in your bag without worrying about taking much space or leaking. 

A deodorant or body spray allows you to treat your underarm area as well as other parts of your body. This will work well as long as the deodorant is not applied on the top of other products such as body lotion; try to apply it directly to clean skin. Garnier deodorants offer a large range of effective roll on and spray deodorants for you to choose between.