If you’re looking for good advice about transporting your deodorant when travelling, you’ll find it here!

1. Before you leave home

If you are packing for a trip or holiday, remember that if you apply your deodorant before you leave home, it should last for up to 24 or 48 hours. Pack it in your suitcase, and it will be ready to use again when you arrive. Even if you aren’t flying, a small travel size deodorant (from 10ml to 50ml) will take up less space and be less heavy in your luggage.

2. Is deodorant a restricted liquid?

Some airport staff consider that stick and roll on deodorants are not liquids, and that they can be carried in hand luggage without restrictions. But be careful--others consider them as gels, and will confiscate and bin large deodorants... not the best way to start a trip! To play it safe, treat your deodorant or antiperspirant as a liquid and carry a 100ml or smaller quantity in a transparent pocket in your hand luggage. A larger sized stick or roll on will be safe in your suitcase in the hold.   

3. Flying and spray deodorant

A full sized spray deodorant cannot be carried in your hand luggage, and must travel in the hold. A small sized spray deodorant or antiperspirant can be carried in your hand luggage, but it must be sized 100ml or under. You must place the spray in a transparent bag with your other liquids and semi-liquids that must not exceed 20 x 20cm.

4. A travel size deodorant for every day

Travel deodorants aren’t just for travelling; they are a handy size to pop in your handbag or in with your gym kit. In fact, anywhere you go where you might want to freshen up; at work, on holiday or whilst out and about, it’s a good idea to have a mini deodorant with you.

5. Choosing your travel deodorant

Choose a top quality make of deodorant for travelling; you’ll want to feel confident and perfectly protected. Garnier Invisible deodorant contains Mineralite, offering you perfect 48hr protection from perspiration as well as from stains. It is available in two sizes!