Body oil is amazing, if you know how to use it... do you? 

If you've never incorporated body oils into your body care routine, now might be the time to try them out! Read on to find out how to use these products and why they're so good for you! 

Why body oils? 

Maybe you've never considered body oils, or maybe you’ve tried but weren't using them correctly. Whatever the case, the bottom line is that these products can deliver some seriously amazing results. By both moisturising and hydrating skin, oils also protect your body and repair damages from pollutants and toxins all while creating an irresistibly soft, smooth texture. 

How to use body oil

Because body oil absorbs better and faster than lotions, you'll need less of it! The best time to incorporate oils into your skin care routine is after an exfoliating treatment in the bath or shower while your skin is still warm and damp. Apply to your whole body, wait a few minutes for it to sink in and blot away the excess. Repeat every day for some undeniably amazing results. Make sure to take the time to exfoliate beforehand, otherwise any dead skin lingering on the surface may hinder the oil's absorption. If you aren't able to apply right after bathing, gently massage your body before your skin treatment to warm and prep the skin. The best time is to apply in the morning so as to deliver all-day long protection and resilience for your skin, and a nighttime treatment continues hydrating and repairing all night long. 

A gift for sensitive skin

For those seeking a product especially formulated for sensitive skin care, body oils may be the ultimate answer. Products such as Garnier Oils deliver all of the softening, hydrating effects of body oils while being gentle on sensitive skin. These can also help to protect sensitive skin from the irritating effects of urban living and pollution.