The Ultimate Guide to BB Cream

Few hybrids of skincare and beauty are as popular as BB Creams. The powerhouse product combines a range of makeup and skincare formulas to cut down morning routines and achieve a more natural glow. In a world of multi-step skincare and beauty routines, it can be super helpful to have a few all-in-ones at your disposal. 

BB Creams are suitable for all skin types, and as beauty technology advances BB Creams can now help you to target your specific concerns and goals. Our new range of Garnier BB Creams are infused with potent ingredients to help you achieve glowing, gorgeous skin.

To understand more about BB Creams and what they can do for you, read our guide below. 

What is BB Cream?

Let’s start with the two B’s at the front. BB stands for Beauty (and sometimes Blemish) Balm. Developed by dermatologists in Germany in the 50’s as an all-in-one solution, this cream is now a universal staple product. BB Creams traditionally combine moisturiser, pigments and sun protection, but modern formulas also include antioxidants and active ingredients to rejuvenate and replenish skin. 

What does BB Cream do?

Developed at the intersection between makeup and skincare, BB Cream was initially created to provide coverage to recently peeled and sensitised skin. The modern version provides protection for all skin types alongside a tint for makeup coverage. It’s a buildable product, meaning that you can choose to apply a lower or higher level of coverage.

The Benefits of BB Cream

BB Cream is a versatile product which achieves a range of benefits. Its moisturising component hydrates the top layers of our skin, helping to creative a protective barrier against sings of ageing and external irritants like pollution. The inclusion of SPF is especially beneficial in Australia, preventing harmful damage from the sun’s UV rays. The makeup element in BB Cream is a light-coverage tint, which evens your skin tone and helps to brighten your complexion. Unlike traditional foundation, BB Cream provides a natural finish. 

The difference between CC and BB Cream

The CC in CC cream stands for Colour Correction. As a product it focuses on reducing the appearance of redness and inflammation, and can improve skin tone with its light-diffusing particles. In comparison to BB cream it has a more concealing quality, focusing on covering blemishes. 

How to apply BB Cream

Because of the SPF and makeup components of BB Cream, this product should be used after you apply your skincare routine. You can apply BB Cream with your fingers, moving in an upwards and outwards motion from the centre of your face, and on your neck. 

Choosing the right BB Cream for your skin type

The unique formula of BB Cream enables it to target your specific skin concerns and goals with the benefits of both makeup and skincare. When choosing products, you should never shy from the ingredients list. The most transformative step you can take for your skin type is knowing which ingredients most protect and nourish it. Read below to find the right BB Cream for your skin type. 

Dry and sensitive skin

Dry and sensitive skin often feels flaky, rough or tight, and can experience irritation and inflammation. Especially in dry climates, it can feel impossible to properly hydrate and soothe dry and sensitive skin. Look for moisturising and antioxidant-rich BB Creams to combat this. Our BB Cream Even Tone is packed with Vitamin C and SPF50 to fully hydrate and protect your skin. Packaged in a new-look, modern and sustainable cardboard box and integrated tubes, our fresh range also uses 40% less plastic. For 24 hour hydration, you can also look to our BB Cream Classic with hyaluronic acid.

Combination and oily skin

Those with combination and oily skin often suffer from shininess. This occurs from an excess in oil production and can affect overall confidence. To properly treat this skin type, use BB Creams that don’t contain any oils. Our BB Cream Oil-Free Light uses hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to correct and mattify skin, removing any shininess throughout the day. 

Discover radiant skin with Garnier BB Cream

For those seeking to even skin tone, our BB Cream Even Tone is a lightweight formula that uses hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and SPF50 to provide all-in-one illumination. If your focus is on anti-ageing, our BB Cream Anti-Age in Medium protects your skin from the onset of premature ageing. 

Alongside the benefits of SPF, tint and moisturiser, our new range of Garnier BB Creams use potent ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to nourish and brighten skin for full radiance. This new formula of our well-loved product will do the most to target your specific concerns.

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