Organic Cornflower: The New Star Ingredient in Micellar Water

You may know cornflower best for its pretty blue blooms, but it turns out that there’s much more to it - this flower actually possesses some very powerful properties for skin care. That’s why the Garnier Organics range uses organic cornflower water in their Soothing Cornflower Micellar Water. Learn about the benefits of organic cornflower water and why you should try a micellar water with this powerful ingredient!

1. Soothes sensitive skin
Organic Cornflower Water’s special power is to help soothe skin, preventing redness and leaving your complexion fresh and glowing. This is great news for those with delicate, sensitive skin, especially since it doesn’t leave behind any oily residue.

2. Refreshes tired eyes
Given this ingredient’s soothing properties, products with organic cornflower water are great for sensitive eyes. Do your eyes get puffy and sore at the end of the day, or perhaps after too much screen time? The skin around your eyes is especially fragile and susceptible to damage from rubbing, make-up and everyday impurities. Apply cotton wool soaked in Garnier Organics Soothing Cornflower Micellar Water to the area around your eyes for a few seconds to help regain your naturally bright-eyed look!

3. Gently removes make-up
Make-up is one of the worst culprits for tired eyes and can be tough to get off, especially if you have sensitive skin. Use micellar water as a make-up remover for a gentle way to cleanse while also soothing your skin. In conjunction with the soothing organic cornflower, this water has some clever cleaning agents, called micelles, which work like magnets, capturing impurities and lifting dirt. That’s why a no-rinse micellar water can reduce the irritation caused by warm water or scrubbing when taking off your make-up.