Aloe Vera Benefits for Skin & Hair

You can probably find a product containing aloe vera somewhere in your beauty cabinet already – you just might not know it. Because of its skin comforting, hydrating and cooling properties, aloe vera is often used in formulas designed to support skin that’s spent a little too much time in the sun. But the uses of aloe vera go way beyond a day at the beach. Want to revamp your skincare routine with additional moisture? How about strengthen your hair to bring back lustrous locks? The benefits of aloe vera for skin and hair can support these goals and more – read on for the lowdown.

What is aloe vera?

Aloe plants are succulents that grow in hot climates and produce the ingredient known as aloe vera. The substance has been used as a beauty enhancer for centuries, appearing in cleansing and skin nourishing rituals throughout history. It only makes sense to harness the benefits of aloe vera for skin and hair care formulas in modern times too. This gel-like fluid is packed full of vitamins and compounds that can have a serious impact on the look and feel of skin and hair. Aloe vera contains naturally occurring antioxidants that can support different complexion concerns, and its hydrating properties can moisturise both skin and hair.

Is aloe vera good for skin?

When building a skincare routine it’s important to pick ingredients that can target your skin concerns to help reach your complexion goals. So, what does aloe vera do for skin? Aloe vera skincare can complement a variety of skin types with benefits like:

  1. Cleansing and purifying
  2. Helping reduce visible signs of ageing
  3. Supporting hydration

Let’s dive a little deeper into these aloe vera skin benefits.

1. Cleanse and purify complexions

A good skincare routine starts with cleanser choosing the right face wash can be a little overwhelming, purifying ingredients are the key. Aloe vera benefits for skin include built-in exfoliating properties, thanks to naturally occurring salicylic acid which reaches deep layers of skin to unclog pores. Reap the benefits of aloe vera in skincare by using Garnier Skin Active Hyaluronic Aloe Gel Cleanser, formulated with hydrating hyaluronic acid and purifying aloe vera. Then follow up with Garnier Hyaluronic Aloe Hydrating Micellar Cleansing Water to clear away any traces of dirt or debris leftover on the skin.

2. Reduce visible signs of ageing

Is aloe vera good for skin that’s maturing? In short, yes, but here’s why. Aloe vera skincare can help maintain youthful looking, glowy skin by supporting even tone and protecting against external aggressors. Aloe vera possesses compounds that may help comfort skin and aid in fading dark spots. Meanwhile, its antioxidant capabilities mean aloe vera pairs well with sunscreen to protect complexions from UV rays – which can contribute to lessening visible signs of ageing. Use Garnier Skin Active Hyaluronic Aloe Hydrating Serum as part of your regular skincare routine to help achieve a clear, even complexion with that coveted, youthful glow.

3. Enhance hydration

The hydrating benefits of aloe vera for skincare can be an asset to pretty much any skin type due to humectants that attract moisture from the surrounding environment for lasting nourishment. So, if your skin is in need of a little extra moisture, Garnier Hydra Bomb Hyaluronic Aloe Vera Serum Sheet Mask could be the perfect addition to a hydrating skincare routine. This mask pairs the power of hyaluronic acid with aloe vera skin benefits for a hydration match made in skincare heaven.

Is aloe vera good for hair?

The uses of aloe vera in beauty go beyond improving complexions – it can level up your hair care routine too. Take advantage of this hero ingredient by learning what are the benefits of aloe vera for hair?

  1. Moisture boost
  2. Strength and growth
  3. Scalp comfort

To reap these benefits, let’s unpack how to use aloe vera for hair.

1. Boost moisture

Lacklustre locks can benefit from some deep , so an aloe vera infused hair mask might be just what your mane is asking for. To survive in the dry climates it grows in, the aloe plant retains water for long stretches of time –why not harness this moisture in your haircare routine? Quench your hair’s thirst for hydration with Fructis Hair Food Aloe Vera Hair Mask. Apply once per week after conditioner and rinse after 5 minutes to reveal softer, glossier locks.

2. Support strength and growth

If longer locks are your goal, aloe vera can help you get there - but you might be wondering, how does aloe vera help hair growth? Products that support durable hair fibres are one step on the path to a longer mane, and the vitamins contained in aloe vera could be valuable for strengthening hair and preventing breakage. To help support growth and strength try Fructis Aloe Vera Hair Food Shampoo, or fine locks, control product easily with Aloe Vera Hair Food 2-in-1 Shampoo Bar.

3. Comfort the scalp

Scalp support is an often-neglected part of hair care, but it’s actually very important for the overall health of your mane. So beyond asking is aloe vera good for hair, it’s also a good idea to consider if it can benefit the scalp – spoiler alert, it can. With hydrating properties and fatty acids, aloe vera infused hair care can provide your scalp with some TLC. If you want to give both your scalp and your mane a dose of nourishment try Fructis Aloe Vera Hair Food Conditioner.

Now we’ve answered the question of what does aloe vera do to the skin and hair, discover how and when to apply vitamin C.