The 7 Best Benefits of BB Cream



The 7 Best Benefits of BB Cream

You’ve likely heard of BB Cream in the years since this product burst onto the scene via the K-beauty explosion, but do you know how BB cream benefits your skin? This multitasking product sits somewhere in between the makeup and skincare worlds, with unique benefits from both sides. 
Read on to learn the top seven benefits of BB cream, alongside some product recommendations from our Skin Active 
range chosen by the Garnier experts. 

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What is BB Cream used for?

BB creams are a beauty multi-tasker, offering a mix of tinted lightweight coverage and some skincare benefits. BB cream formulas vary, but most contain pigment, moisturising ingredients, SPF and other ingredients targeting specific skin concerns. So, what does BB cream stand for? The exact origins of this term are contested, but the most commonly accepted answer is ‘beauty balm’. 
As a multi-tasking product, BB creams can combine several steps to simplify a skincare and makeup routine. BB creams do the same job as a traditional foundation. Their included skincare style ingredients can also deliver some of the same benefits as your serum or moisturiser. 

1. Tinted coverange

Full coverage foundations can sometimes be too heavy for the skin. In contrast, BB creams like our Ganier BB Cream Classic  provides light, natural looking coverage to instantly cover, even and correct your complexion. The formula is lightweight and easily, yet evens out your skin tone thanks to the fine mineral pigments. You can even apply BB cream with your fingers, no brush needed 

BB Cream Light
BB Cream Medium

2. Anti-ageing

Our Garnier BB Cream Anti-Age  is specially designed to help minimise visible signs of ageing in mature skin. Mineral pigments blur imperfections and help unify the look of your skin tone, while Hyaluronic Acid re-plumps your skin to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. SPF coverage helps minimise the appearance of dark spots and sun damage, for an overall more youthful looking complexion. 

3. Moisturising

Traditional foundation formulas can be look dry on the skin and cling to rough or flaky areas. A well-formulated BB cream can include moisturising ingredients and some provide all day hydration. 
If you’re searching for a BB cream for dry skin, look to our Garnier range. Each BB cream formula is enriched with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid to provide all day hydration. 

4. Correcting and illuminating

Not only do BB creams provide tinted makeup coverage, they also correct signs of fatigue and illuminate your skin tone. Mineral pigments banish dark under eye circles, helping you look refreshed. These ultra fine pigments reflect the light, giving your complexion a healthy glow and visibly blurring any imperfections. 

5. Skincare ingredients

When it comes to how to use BB cream, the multipurpose nature of BB cream formulas is enabled by the inclusion of hardworking skincare ingredients straight from your favourite serums and masks. 
Our BB cream formulas are enriched with moisturising Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful humectant skincare ingredient that helps attract and bind water molecules to the surface of your skin. 
Our BB Cream Even Tone also contains Vitamin C, one of the most popular skincare ingredients due to its potent benefits. Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection and has illuminating properties to help unify and brighten your complexion. 

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6. SPF Protection

One of the most impressive benefits of BB cream is the fact that many BB cream formulas incorporate SPF into their multipurpose formulas. 
All Garnier BB creams provide SPF protection, to help protect from premature skin ageing and UV rays. Our BB Cream Classic features SPF 15, while our BB Cream Oil Free and BB Cream Anti-Age formulas provide SPF 25. Our BB Cream Even Tone protects with SPF 50. 

7. Suitable for all skin types

No matter whether you have dry skin, combination skin or oily skin, there’s a BB cream to suit your complexion. There are BB cream formulas designed to target particular skin concerns such as dark spots or visible signs of ageing, as well as formulas designed for different skin types. 
If you have oily skin, an oil free BB cream will suit you best, to ensure the formula helps to control excess shine. Our Garnier BB Cream Oil Free mattifies your skin and minimises the appearance of pores, while simultaneously hydrating and comforting your skin. 

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