How to Add Volume to Hair

If you find it tricky to hold onto how your hair looks after a salon visit, you’re not alone. You might doubt your ability to recreate the volume and bounce that your stylist achieves – but trust us when we say that a great blowout is doable from the comfort of your home.

While stylists are pros at giving your hair dimension and movement, they do so with the help of proper hair styling products and techniques. Which means with the right steps, you too can learn how to add volume to hair and create big, bouncy, full locks so you never look like you’re in between salon appointments. When you want to bring life back to a mane that’s looking a little flat or need tips for how to volumise fine hair, we’ve got your volumising needs covered. Read on for gravity defying hair volume tips.

The different ways to achieve hair volume

Whether you want a hair care routine to maintain volume, need styling tips for instant lift, or haircut ideas for a permanent change – there are many ways to liven up your locks.

  • Hair care routines built with volumising shampoo and conditioner can help create bouncy locks that last. In terms of how to volumise fine hair, look for lightweight formulas that won’t weigh down your mane.
  • Styling techniques supported by the right products can help you achieve instant hair volume by creating lift at the root.
  • Haircuts that give your mane dimension and movement or remove dry, heavy ends are the quickest way to achieve and maintain volume.

Now let’s break down how to implement these tips to reveal voluminous locks.

How to get more volume in hair with shampoo & conditioner

Achieving hair volume starts with the products you choose for wash day. Enriched with naturally plumping watermelon extract to rehydrate hair fibres, the Fructis Hair Food collection Volumising Watermelon series delivers moisture and nutrients to the hair fibre for a healthier, fuller looking mane.

How to increase hair volume instantly by styling

The right hair styling products and techniques are essential to any look, so if volume is your goal, it’s time to get serious about styling. There are a few key elements of styling that help you achieve increased hair volume:

  • Encourage bounce and hold with volumising styling products.
  • Blow dry your mane upside down to increase lift.
  • Try different styling techniques to find one that works for your hair type.

Commit to a new cut that creates movement and dimension.

Adopt volumising products

Implementing the right styling products is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase hair volume. When it comes to adding volume and bounce to your mane, formula is just as important as ingredients and nothing quite matches the volumising power of a hair mousse. With a super light, airy texture, mousse delivers ultimate hair volume, so scrunch Fructis Style Curl Control Mousse into damp locks to encourage curl and reveal a big bouncy mane when dry.

Blow dry hair upside down

If you don’t have natural curls, you may not yet know the ridiculous feeling of blow drying your hair upside down. It can feel a little silly to do, but flipping your head over and blow drying your mane from underneath really does work to increase hair volume. The technique works to create lift at the root by forcing strands to dry against the grain but care steps are important before applying heat, so always use heat protectant.

Try different styling techniques

In the long history of long-haired-yahoos trying to add volume to their manes, some styling techniques have stood the test of time. Though it might sound a little old school, if you want hair volume without heat, try gently teasing your roots before styling, then smooth out top layer of hair to hide it. Or, if your hair doesn’t lend itself to teasing, get instant hair volume by switching up your part so your locks fall against the natural direction of growth.

Switch up your hair cut

Certain cuts can create the look of voluminous locks by adding dimension or removing the weight of heavy lengths. So, do layers give hair more volume, or is it time for the big chop? Trending styles like shag or wolf cuts involve lots of layers which create volume at the crown of the head, but if you’re not ready for something so dramatic, add movement with subtle face framing layers. Trims can do wonders to improve hair’s natural texture but for heavily damaged locks – it might be time for the big chop.

A good hair day is about more than just hair volume – glossy, frizz free locks are also hallmarks of a picture-perfect mane, so discover our guide on how to hydrate hair