Heard of the new fad for dry shampoo with a vast number of celebrity followers? This new trend may actually be more than a fad, in fact, as dry shampoo offers a number of benefits.

Breaking down dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a type of hair cleanser in powder form that contains powerful agents that soak up excess oil and grease, usually along with some form of scent. They come in either spray or powdered form and have been used for decades as an easy way to eradicate and refresh greasy hair without having to wash with normal shampoo and subject the hair to heat for hair styling.

Why do I need it?

While it may sound like a strange idea to sprinkle powder on your hair that you don’t wash out, this is far more than a handy tool for those who don’t wash their hair enough. Once popular with people with dreadlocks or long-lasting maintained hair types that should not be washed often, dry shampoo is now the top haircare essential for people of all hair types.

Spray or sprinkle on a little of the powder when you want to quickly soak up the grease in your hair. Given that washing and shampooing the hair is actually worse for your scalp, in addition to the damage you cause when you inevitably blow dry, dry shampoo can be a fabulous way to promote healthy hair.

It can also be a great tool for hair styling, especially for those who crave more hair volume. Spraying a little dry shampoo into your layers while you are upside down can add fantastic hold and volume given its subtly stiffening effect.

For topical applications, too, you can’t beat a powder-form dry shampoo. Rub some into your fingers and use to smooth out your eyebrows, or apply under your fringe to prevent it from sticking to your forehead. 

At the end of the day, with the vast choice now available with dry shampoos specifically for oily hair, straight or coloured hair, and more, there is no reason not to try one out.