Finding a style that you complements your fabulous cheekbones might be difficult if you have a heart shaped face, but rest assured there is a style out there that you will love. 

The best way to flatter a heart shaped face is to choose a hairstyle that makes the chin look fuller and take the emphasis away from the forehead.

Long hair with a centre part and curled under ends is ideal for a heart shaped face. The curly ends will create fullness around the chin and draw attention away from the forehead. 

The face framing bob that is longer at the front and shorter at the back with a sultry side-parting must have been designed with the heart shaped ladies in mind. This hairstyle shows off those stunning cheekbones and adds depth to the chin whilst concealing the forehead. 

If you are longing for a cropped cut go for a tousled pixie cut with choppy bangs and volume on the top. This type of cut isn’t just fun and stylish it will also elongate the face and highlight those fantastic cheekbones. Apply some mousse to keep that tousled look in place.

A long bob, or lob as it is often known, is a great way to soften the jawline. Combined with a side parting it will fill out the chin and conceal the forehead. Pair it with some subtle highlights to create a vibrant feminine look. 

A long straight style with feathered layers look stunning on a heart shaped face. The feminine cut helps the jaw appear less narrow and frames the face. 

As you can see, there are a range of wonderful options for ladies with heart shaped faces. The main way to flatter this face shape is by accentuating the best parts and creating fullness where it is needed. Which style will win your heart?


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