Just because men tend to have less hair, it certainly doesn’t mean the styling options are any less vast than women’s. Here we’ll take a look at some of the best hairstyles trending now for men with short hair. 

The mainstream hipster

Don’t let this title put you off, as, despite being deemed ‘hipster’, this look is being pulled off by millions of men of all ages. The trick here is to leave your sides short and get a lot of volume on the top of your head. Blow-dry the top of your head and your fringe whilst combing to get the effect. 

The flow and comb

If your hair is rather thin naturally, the flow and comb works well and makes your hair ‘fuller’. Allow for more length on the sides and at the front, and comb back neatly to give your hair short, tidy waves. 

The bed head

The bed head is a not-so-low maintenance approach to getting a deliberate messy effect. Once you have a few inches length on the top, and at least two on the sides, you can style your locks somewhat at will to keep it contained and wild at the same time. This works well for men with naturally wavy hair, and you’ll need a strong gum or putty to keep it in place. 

The elegant side parting

Side partings have become more desirable in the last few years, and a lot easier to pull off when done properly. While your hair is still wet, make a neat parting with a comb, and comb down the side of your head. Blow-dry the top of your head from the side, in the direction of the parting, and comb to the side. Allow the rest of your hair to fall naturally, and you’ll have a swish side parting. 

Short back and sides

The short back and sides deserves a place on all ‘top men’s haircuts’ lists, simply because it is timeless and always effective. This is a low-maintenance cut, and can be jazzed up with a little cream on the top.