There are thousands of supposedly summer-tailored hair care products out there, some more effective than others. Here are a few absolute essentials!

1) Dry shampoo

As your hair gets greasy in the heat, try a dry shampoo to get some control back and keep it nourished.

2) Condition yourself a sun barrier

Apply a leave-in conditioner before you head into the sun or sea and your hair will be protected from all sorts of damage. Browse through Garnier Leave-In products for great hair strengthening or a natural conditioner like coconut oil or shea butter.

3) Cleansing isn’t just for your skin!

With the wonders of modern hair care products, you can get fantastic cleansing, clarifying shampoos that are great once a week for getting rid of product build up.

4) Oil down that frizz

A teeny tiny amount of anti-frizz hair oil can really work wonders in ensuring you sleek, healthy looking hair, no matter what havoc the heat and humidity has been wreaking on it!