A true natural blonde is a rare find – but that doesn’t stop women around the world from lightening their locks! Today, there are many hair technologies to help us with this feat, whether with highlights or a full head of foils, bright colours or subtle balayage. There’s always a way to be blonde these days! 

Be warned though: whether you’re natural or ‘artificial’, blonde hair requires extra special attention.

Blonde hair has less protective pigments and is particularly vulnerable to sun exposure, which makes it dry and weak. Because it’s less shiny, the external environment easily dulls blonde hair.

Bleaching also weakens the hair and can cause both superficial and deeper damage. This not only affects how the hair looks, but also its strength and suppleness.

Blondes throughout the ages

Since the beginning of time, blondes have been both an inspiration and aspiration.

In the Ancient Roman Empire, nobles paid a high price for golden-haired German slaves. 

During the Renaissance, Venetians immortalized the famous Venetian blonde by rubbing their hair with gentle acids like lemon juice and saffron, then sitting out in the sun to try and lighten their locks.

At the same time, artists depicted different kinds of blondes in their work, ranging from the sacred (Madones de Fra Angelico) to the sexual (Venus de Botticelli).

The world has been fascinated with blondes ever since. Even today, the ‘blonde bombshell’ remains a beauty ideal.

Blondes around the world

Believe it or not, blonde is actually a very rare colour. Studies show that only one in 10,000 is born blonde! Dark hair dominates the world, however there are some exceptions to this raven-haired trend.

In Europe, different regions have different hair colours. While most people in southern and eastern Europe have dark ‘dos, blonde hair is the more common shade in northern Europe.

Elsewhere in the world, you can find ‘blonde pockets’, such as in Australia (a continent with a large immigrant European population) and surprisingly, North Africa and Middle East. Blondes are back!


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