Travelling isn’t great for your hair, often requiring you to sit in one place for a long period of time without your full hair toolkit to freshen up your look. There’s also the effect that the sun has on your hair when you’re on your summer holidays! Here are some tips that will put your hair and your mind at ease!

What to take with you on long flights

Before you leave for the airport, make sure your hair is well conditioned and run hair oil through it in advance. Tie your hair up in a braid to keep it out of your face, letting it stay neat and tidy throughout your journey. You can also use a bandana to tie your hair back, protecting your hair from contamination when you’re in an enclosed space for hours at a time. 

It’s a good idea to take some dry shampoo with you, particularly for long-haul flights. This will keep you feeling clean and fresh even after you’ve been seated in the same chair for eight hours! A wooden brush is another essential tool for preventing your hair from becoming static en route. 

It’s a good idea to consider ahead of time what you’ll need when away from home. Hotels often provide shampoo, body gels and conditioners, but bear in mind that the quality is not always that great and that they are more likely to contain chemicals that won’t do your hair or skin any good. Take your own hair care products with you so that your hair still gets the attention it deserves when you’re travelling. 

If you’re flying abroad and taking hand luggage only, remember that you can only carry liquids in 100ml containers or smaller. If you go to a high street pharmacy you can pick up empty 100ml bottles and then transfer your favourite products into these smaller containers. 

Remember, depending on where you’re travelling, the quality of the water can differ considerably from that of the UK. Don’t allow your hair to suffer from hard water by making sure that you pack a nourishing conditioner.