We all have different face shapes, but there is certainly no face shape that isn’t enhanced by a well-matched fringe! Below are our suggestions for coordinating your face shape with your fringe. 

Square faces

If your face is rather square in shape, an open-parted fringe will fit perfectly with your forehead. Wearing your fringe shorter in the middle and longer at the sides will soften the lines of your face and achieve a beautiful balance. This is ideal for women with more distinct facial features, as it creates subtle curves on your face. It’s a good idea to make your fringe on the thinner side, as you don’t want to have too much hair on your forehead. 

Oval faces

For oval-shaped faces, create a touch of contrast by wearing a straight fringe. This will create the effect of rounding your face and also makes you look younger. Wearing a straight fringe also draws attention away from your forehead, which is great if you want it to be a little less prominent. The straight fringe works just as well with long hair as it does with shorter styles. 

Round faces

Having a centrally parted fringe or a long straight fringe will add to the roundness of your face, so these looks aren’t well suited to those who already have relatively round faces. Instead, try wearing your fringe to one side, moving away from more symmetrical styles. A long fringe with more length on one side is particularly effective when your hair is longer overall, as it gives the visual effect of lengthening your face.


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