When it comes to hair styling, there are millions of different products, tools, and tips out there that can make you think you’ll never know what’s best. There are a few simple ways, however, to ensure that you have healthy hair, even if you’re a styling addict like us!

Keep it quick, cool, and protected

It’s no secret that too much heat damages your hair, causing it to become fragile and even break. This is why you should get yourself decent hair styling tools that have different temperature settings and use the lowest possible temp that still gets the job done.

Before you start, too, you can protect your hair from the heat by applying a heat-protecting hair spray, which coats your hair with a silicone barrier, locking in moisture and stopping the heat from causing too much damage.
Blow dry your hair as little as possible, preferably letting it mostly air dry naturally, and if you are thinking of doing the head upside down trick, don’t! This will force your hair cuticles open and lead to damaged, lifeless hair.
Only start hair styling with curlers or straighteners when your hair is completely dry, and add a blast of cold air after to further lock up your hair cuticles and add shine.

Also, keep each swipe of your iron as a quick, fluid motion, not stopping too long on any one section of hair. Even if the particular flick or curl you were looking for doesn’t appear, don’t worry. Come back to it once the strand has cooled and you won’t risk hair damage.

Indulge in some glossy boosters

Finally, by adding hair serum or a few drops of brilliant shine-inducing hair oil, you can re-nourish your tips after drying them out and ensure your hair stays healthy and glossy for longer! These products can be added at any time of the process, and can work well with your chosen styling product, be it gel or mousse or other. Just remember, as long as you thoroughly rinse out your products later, your hair will increase in its healthy and glossy appearance each time you style following these tips.